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Phoenix could add more pedestrian scramble intersections

By Christina Estes
Published: Monday, June 26, 2023 - 6:36am

Phoenix Street Transportation Dept.
Phoenix installed pedestrian scrambles at two intersections next to ASU's downtown campus in 2020.

Phoenix will consider altering more intersections aimed at reducing crashes involving pedestrians. 

One tool is called pedestrian scrambles, a type of traffic signal that stops all vehicles and allows people to cross from all corners at the same time — including diagonally. In 2020, Phoenix installed two scramble intersections next to ASU’s downtown campus. 

Assistant Streets Director Briiana Velez told a council subcommittee the department is developing design standards for future scrambles, “And NAU is helping us come up with a process for how and when we implement these. And so they're going to put together criteria evaluation and data to help us determine in the future so that we're making good judgment in terms of where this makes sense.” 

The city also has leading pedestrian intervals at four downtown intersections. Those give people a three to seven second head start in the crosswalks before vehicles in the same direction get green lights. The intersections are: Washington Street at 7th Avenue, 3rd Avenue and 1st Avenue, along with  Adams Street and 7th Avenue.

Google Earth/Phoenix Street Transportation Dept.
Google Earth image of pedestrian scramble intersection in downtown Phoenix.

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