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Bill would bar Arizona’s secretary of state from certain election duties

By Jill Ryan
Bob Christie, Capitol Media Services
Published: Wednesday, April 5, 2023 - 2:23pm

The Republican-controlled Arizona Senate has passed House Bill 2308, a measure that would bar Arizona’s secretary of state from participating in certain election duties if they are on that year’s ballot.

State Republicans believe the current system poses a conflict of interest. 

All Democrats are opposed, saying the bill is politically motivated.

Democratic Sen. Priya Sundareshan says it’s also based on conspiracy theories. 

"There [has] been no evidence to support the necessity for this bill. And more to the point, there are plenty of statewide elected officers who also have played roles in the elections that are not contained here," Sundareshan said.

The bill returns to the House for a final vote before possibly heading to the governor.

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