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Justice Department to resume site visits in Phoenix police and city investigation

Published: Wednesday, March 29, 2023 - 2:17pm
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Federal investigators are expected to resume site visits next month as part of the sweeping review of Phoenix police and the city.

Early April will mark 20 months since the U.S. Justice Department assigned the job to its Civil Rights Division.

A recent staff update prepared by the city manager and law department for the mayor and council focuses on police use of force.

One of five questions the feds have is if Phoenix officers are excessively violent.

The update notes plans to train officers later this year on a revised policy, which drew hundreds of public comments and is still under construction.

A draft details when officers can and can’t use violence and at what level. Factors weighed are the severity of a crime being investigated, whether a suspect is an immediate safety threat, and if they were actively resisting or avoiding arrest.

Outlines for more policy guidelines are expected soon.

The update says the U.S. Supreme Court does not explicitly require use of force to be proportional and necessary, but it is considered best practices by leaders in law enforcement.

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