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SRP to round up fish, drain and repair damage to irrigation canals

By Ron Dungan
Published: Wednesday, January 4, 2023 - 3:23pm

SRP canal cleanup
SRP is responsible for keeping its canal system in operating condition during normal water deliveries. Canal dry-ups allow SRP as well as other utilities and municipalities to perform construction and maintenance activities in and around the canals.

Salt River Project will begin its annual cleanup and repair of its canals Friday.

The work means that access to some areas may be closed, including Arizona Falls on Indian School Road.

Over time, the canals can fill vegetation and other debris, such as shopping carts, tables and chairs, even cars.

SRP stocks them with white amur, otherwise known as grass carp, to clean out the weeds. But the rest must be removed.

So every year, SRP rounds up the fish and drains some of the canals for cleanup and maintenance.

This year, the work will include repairing monsoon damage. The project should be complete by early February.

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