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The pandemic showed how broken the childcare system is. This writer says not much has changed

By Lauren Gilger
Published: Thursday, December 15, 2022 - 1:08pm

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As the so-called "tripledemic" rages, workplace absences are skyrocketing. And combined with a shortage of daycares and staffing challenges at schools, it’s all creating a perfect storm for American parents.

October data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics shows more Americans missed work that month for child-care reasons than even at the height of the pandemic. And the pandemic left the childcare industry decimated — with thousands fewer places for parents to send their kids and fewer staff willing to do the low-paying work.

And on top of that, Lydia Kiesling says we should make one connection to get a complete picture of the current mess: the lack of paid sick leave for many working parents.

It all became crystal clear for the writer and mom of two recently when her daughter’s preschool closed down abruptly. And she wrote a piece about it for the Cut called "What Is It This Time." The Show spoke with her about it.

Lydia Kiesling
Erica J. Mitchell
Lydia Kiesling

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