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New AZ law brings possibility of automatic recounts during this year's election

Published: Monday, October 31, 2022 - 10:22am

More automatic recounts of ballots may occur during the November election as a result of a state bill passed in May.

Senate Bill 1008 requires a recount “when the margin between the two candidates receiving the greatest number of votes for a particular office is less than or equal to one-half of one percent.”

Scott Jarrett is the elections director for Maricopa County.

“Senate Bill 1008 changed the threshold so it was at one-tenth of a percent. Now it’s gone up to half a percent," he said.

Had the bill gone into effect during the general election in 2020, an automatic recount would have occurred in five races.

The change in law also applies to ballot initiatives.

The possibility of more recounts comes as controversy continues over Cochise County choosing its own threshold of conducting hand counts.

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