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Arizona gas prices expected to fall

By Ashley Madrigal
Published: Wednesday, October 19, 2022 - 4:53pm

The federal government announced that it is releasing gas from the nation’s oil reserves in hopes of countering OPEC’s move to cut back on production.

John Treanor with AAA Arizona says gas prices have been falling recently.

“There’s been another driving force here and that’s demand. Demand has been down significantly since the OPEC decision in relation to recession fears, and that demand slow has caused prices to drop," Treanor said. 

The average price of gas in the state is $4.43 per gallon. It has gone down 13 cents from last week and the prices may continue to fall. Maricopa County has the highest prices with an average of $4.78 a gallon and Pima County with the lowest at $3.72. 

Treanor says that because of California's recent refinery issues, Maricopa County's prices have been higher. Those issues have been resolved but it is still unclear when prices are expected to fall and match levels of the rest of the state. 

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