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Celebrity marijuana brands face challenges as weed customers shop for value

By Mark Brodie
Published: Thursday, September 15, 2022 - 12:37pm

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Former NFL quarterback Jim McMahon is co-founder of a cannabis company
Ron Vesely, Revenant MJ
Former pro quarterback and Scottsdale resident Jim McMahon founded the cannabis company Revenant MJ with two other NFL alums. He says he uses marijuana to treat chronic pain and arthritis.

As marijuana becomes legal in more and more states, celebrities are putting their names on different brands of cannabis products.

Musicians, athletes and actors are among those celebrity endorsers. And while some may seem to be obvious choices — think Willie Nelson — others may be less so, like Martha Stewart and Bella Thorne. Former NFL quarterback Jim McMahon recently started selling his brand in an Arizona dispensary.

The Show learned about the pros and cons of these endorsements for both the brands and the celebrities backing them with Kim Prince, founder and CEO of Proven Media — a marketing, communications and PR firm serving the cannabis industry.

The conversation began by talking about whether Prince is surprised to see the number of celebrities endorsing marijuana products.

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