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Food banks in high demand; inflation hitting AZ families hard

Published: Monday, July 11, 2022 - 10:58am

Inflation is hitting Arizonans hard. As rent, food and gas costs stay high, some people are heading to food banks. Last month, nearly a thousand families lined up outside a single St. Mary’s Food Bank in Phoenix.

Now, the president of the Arizona Food Bank Network, Angie Rodgers, told PBS’s “Arizona Horizon” they are seeing families who are being priced out of the housing market. 

“Maybe their rent went up too much and now they are coming to us for an emergency food box or a food bag that we provide to homeless individuals rather than that box that they can prepare meals at their own home," Rodgers said. 

Rodgers also says food banks are getting help from partners and governmental agencies, including a $500,000 state appropriation to buy more local produce.

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