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Yuma workers hit hard by California facility fire

Published: Friday, April 15, 2022 - 2:07pm

The effects of a processing facility fire in Salinas, California, are being felt here in Yuma as some Taylor Farms workers were preparing to move to the California plant. Sam Klemek of the Salinas Fire Department says the facility was preparing to welcome the Yuma workers.

"They were really in a ramp-up phase, getting the facility ready to start processing," Klemek said. 

Senior Project Manager Darin Salden says the company is working to assist those Yuma workers.      

“Bruce Taylor has been meeting with all of the vice presidents of the different divisions to make sure that any people that are suffering any hardships, primarily the workers that are in Yuma making their way here, just making sure that we take care of everybody," Salden said.

Salinas firefighters say the blaze was sparked by welding maintenance that was being done on the facility.