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How a mix of comfort TV and post-apocalyptic streaming got us through the pandemic

By Mark Brodie
Published: Thursday, March 17, 2022 - 12:22pm
Updated: Friday, March 18, 2022 - 12:00pm

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Nabhaan Rizwan Station Eleven
Ian Watson/HBO Max
Nabhaan Rizwan in the HBO Max streaming series “Station Eleven.”

For almost two years, so many headlines have focused on a deadly virus and the steps we were supposed to take to avoid being infected. So why, when we sit down to enjoy some light entertainment on TV, would we turn to a show about a pandemic, of all things? And how have our viewing habits changed doing COVID times?

Jason Davids Scott is associate director of Arizona State University's Sidney Poitier Film School.

The Show spoke with them, asking if our entertainment viewing habits have changed in general over the course of the pandemic.

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