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Legislators Battle Over Early Ballot Law

Published: Friday, January 24, 2014 - 3:27pm
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There is a ballot box battle brewing at the state Capitol. Last year, you may recall, lawmakers approved a controversial election law, which, among other things, changed who can turn in early ballots, and how many signatures it takes for some party’s candidates to get on the ballot. House Bill 2305 prompted critics to collect enough signatures to put the law up for a vote this November. Now, the legislature is considering repealing last year’s law, which would head off this fall’s referendum.

State Sen. Michele Reagan heads up the groups formed to defend the law. The Scottsdale Republican said she is very much in favor of repealing the law and keeping it off the ballot.

Referendum supporters are not excited about the attempt to repeal the law. Julie Erfle chairs the Protect Your Right to Vote Committee, which worked to refer the law to the ballot.

A State House committee was scheduled to vote on the repeal on Thursday, but the bill was held. That delay, however, may be a short one. It is back on the Judiciary Committee’s agenda for next week.

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