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Why The Pandemic May Lead To Continuing Increases In Remote Learning

Published: Thursday, April 29, 2021 - 12:02pm
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Arizona students and their parents have gotten a crash course in remote learning over the past year or so. But even though schools across the state are open for in-person learning now, some families are choosing to stay online. And Julie Young says remote learning will continue to be the best choice for some students.

Young is vice president for the Education Outreach and Student Services Unit at ASU and the managing director of ASU Prep Academy. She’s looking at three education models moving forward: The traditional model, where students are in the classroom every day; a fully virtual model, where students are online every day; and a hybrid model, where the students are in person some days and remote on the others.

The Show spoke with Young to talk through all of this, and to learn how much the idea of virtual schooling has grown during the pandemic.

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