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Arizona Restaurant Workers Aren't Returning To Jobs

Published: Sunday, April 18, 2021 - 3:30pm

Eased restrictions on Arizona restaurants haven’t made it easy to reestablish service to pre-pandemic levels.

That’s because many workers who were employed in the service industry aren’t coming back to it for a number of reasons.

According to Fred Morgan, co-owner of the Arizona fast casual chain Fired Pie, he thinks unemployment compensation, coronavirus stimulus funds and competition are some of those reasons.

“Partly it’s based on stimulus money that went out, and we continue to hear that. We’ve lost a lot to different industries — a lot of tech, as you know, are moving to Arizona, and they’re hiring like crazy,” he said on a recent episode of PBS’s “Arizona Horizon.”

Morgan also indicated if he and other operators are forced to pay more for workers’ wages that will likely lead to an increase in menu prices for customers. 

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