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Arizona High School Students On Remote Learning To Start, End High School Careers

By Mark Brodie
Published: Tuesday, March 2, 2021 - 11:57am

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terrance brown and elijah alvarez
Terrance Brown, Laura Gill
Terrance Brown and Elijah Alvarez are Valley high school students. Despite one starting high school and the other finishing it during the pandemic, the two share similar experiences.

The pandemic has disrupted education in a lot of ways over the past year or so. And that disruption has been felt everywhere in Arizona, from school administrators to teachers to parents to students.

The Show spoke with two Valley high school students — a senior and a freshman — about what their experiences have been like.

Terrance Brown is a 17-year-old who was a junior last year at McClintock High School in Tempe, where he says things were going really well. He’d gotten back into theater and band, had a steady job and says he was ecstatic about the future. Now, he’s finishing up his high school career online at Edgenuity so he can continue to work at his job at a fast-food restaurant.  After graduation, Brown is planning to do something with music. He says he’s excited to experience performance again.

The Show asked Terrance about the experience of going on spring break and not going back to school in person after that.

Elijah Alvarez is a freshman at Bioscience High School in the Phoenix Union High School District — although the 14-year-old has never actually been to school there, since school has been remote for the entire year so far. He doesn’t expect to be able to be in-person until his sophomore year.

The Show talked to Elijah about what it’s been like to start high school this way.

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