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'Compassion Issues' Drive Gender Gap In Politics

Published: Tuesday, November 3, 2020 - 1:25pm
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Women have drawn no shortage of speculation about which way they will vote in this election — due in no small part to the president’s pleas to suburban women in particular. It’s a voting bloc President Donald Trump struggles with, even in his own party, as women like Cindy McCain turn away.

McCain told The 19th, a news organization focused on the intersection of gender and politics, that the GOP has left a lot of women like her behind. She hopes that will change after the election.

“Part of the trap that I think the Republican Party has fallen into is this litmus test idea — that somehow, if you don’t agree with me on 100% of everything, then you’re not a real Republican. It simply is wrong. So, I would hope we can gather young people, young women and begin a new voice of Republican politics. A voice of inclusion and a voice of civility," McCain said.

But is that enough to turn the tide of such a divisive election? Do Republican men share McCain’s concerns?

A gender gap has long-existed in politics — but it’s changing.

Barbara Norrander is a political scientist with the University of Arizona who has studied the gap for the last three decades. The Show spoke with her about how President Trump and Joe Biden affect the gap.

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