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Tempe Voters Approve Nearly $350 Million On Bond Spending

Published: Tuesday, November 3, 2020 - 11:22pm

Tempe voters on Tuesday approved nearly $350 million of spending on five bond questions designed to pay for a variety of infrastructure improvements to the city.

Those include projects for water management, streets, parks, municipal preservation and public safety funding.

Ken Jones is the Tempe deputy city manager and CFO. He clarified how property owners will be affected in the near term.

“For existing property owners, we will collect the same total property tax from all existing property owners next year that we collected this year adjusted only for inflation. That means for existing property owners, in total, we would collect — I think this year’s was 1.8% adjustment—so we would collect only that inflationary increase in total," Jones said. 

Jones said the city has no control over how the county assessor may increase the value of property in the future, which would affect individual homeowners differently, especially if they have made improvements to their property.

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