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Latinos In Arizona Now Make Up Nearly A Quarter Of Eligible Voters

Published: Wednesday, October 21, 2020 - 12:31pm
Updated: Wednesday, October 21, 2020 - 1:16pm
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New data published by the Pew Research Center throws into sharp relief just how much our country — and our state — have changed in recent decades.

Nationwide, the diversification of America is clear: In the 2000 election, 76% of eligible voters were white. By 2018's midterms, that number was down to 67%.

In Arizona, the change is even more stark.

In 2000, 75% of eligible voters were white while just 15% were Hispanic. But by 2018, white voters made up less than the national average at 63%, while Hispanic voters made up nearly a quarter of eligible voters: 24%.

What does this massive demographic shift mean for Arizona Yes, it's now a true battleground, and yes, the Latinx vote is expected to push that further in 2020. But Nilda Flores-Gonzalez says it goes deeper than that. It’s also about identity — and what it means to be an American.

Flores-Gonzalez is a professor in the School of Social and Family Dynamics at Arizona State University. She makes the case that increasing diversity is good for all of us. The Show spoke with her about what she makes of the dramatic shift we’ve seen in our state’s electorate.

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