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Arizonans Came Out In Record Numbers For First Day Of Early Voting

Published: Thursday, October 8, 2020 - 3:53pm

Early voting is off to a strong start in Maricopa County. A record-shattering 2,900 voters showed up on the first day of in-person voting Wednesday.

County Recorder Adrian Fontes said Arizonans voting by mail should remember to respond early too.

“So many of you want the ease and the convenience of voting at home. I’m going to encourage you, please send that ballot back to us as quickly as possible,” Fontes said. 

Maricopa County is mailing out about 2 million ballots to voters this week. Fontes reminds voters to sign the envelopes before mailing ballots back.

(Voting centers open as of Oct. 7 are marked in green on the map below.)

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