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Arizona Will Redraw Voting Districts In 2021; The State Wants Public Input

Published: Friday, September 25, 2020 - 3:19pm
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Arizona Independent Redistricting Commission
Arizona's congressional districts adopted in 2012.

Arizona will set new boundaries for its legislative and congressional districts in 2021. The lines will be drawn by an independent redistricting commission. And the process begins with public input on commission candidates.

The commission will consist of five members. Four members are appointed by state Democratic and Republican leadership. Those four members then select the fifth member.

Since these positions are not elected, comment periods are the public’s chance to weigh in. Arizona Chief Justice Robert Brutinel said that input is crucial.

“Finding people who will help us draw fair districts that give everybody a chance and give weight to the voices of communities of interest is I think critically important for the makeup of both our congressional delegation and our legislature for the next decade," Brutinel said. 

There are currently 51 candidates: 20 Republicans, 20 Democrats and 11 independents. Those candidates will be interviewed in public meetings Oct. 8 and 9.


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