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Late Sen. McCain's Chief Of Staff: GOP Must Change Or Face Extinction

Published: Tuesday, August 25, 2020 - 2:40pm
Howard Fischer/Capitol Media Services
Grant Woods in 2013.

Tuesday marks the second anniversary of late Sen. John McCain’s death. 

His long-time chief of staff, Grant Woods, said he doesn’t think there’s ever been a time in American history when McCain’s leadership was needed more. 

“I think if John McCain was here to provide the leadership, I think you’d see a lot of Republicans stand up and say, ‘no, enough is enough’ and you gotta put your country first," Woods said.

Woods also said the Republican Party needs to change or ultimately they will become extinct.

“I do think the times now, which are so lacking in political courage and political heroism, just cry out for someone like John McCain and it makes his absence all the more striking," he said. 

Last week at the Democratic National Convention, McCain’s life was remembered. So far, Republicans have not announced a similar memorial for him during their convention, which ends Thursday evening.

On Monday, former Sen. Jeff Flake announced his endorsement of Joe Biden. Flake joined a growing chorus of former Republican members of Congress who have denounced President Trump.