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How Arizona Restaurant Week Is Adapting During The COVID-19 Pandemic

By Mark Brodie, Lauren Gilger, Amanda Luberto
Published: Friday, June 26, 2020 - 1:09pm
Updated: Wednesday, March 17, 2021 - 1:28pm

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The Melting Pot
The Melting Pot is one of the restaurants participating in Arizona Restaurant Week.

LAUREN GILGER: Mark, have you been making any interesting food since we’ve been in quarantine? Anything new you’ve experimented with?

MARK BRODIE: The newest thing we’ve done is buying a new kind of peanut butter to see if it’s any better. Why, have you?

GILGER: We’ve made a lot of cookies with my toddler, but I’m getting pretty sick of our staple meals and we’ve had some great takeout since we’re not eating out. That’s why I’m so excited it’s Arizona Restaurant Week!

BRODIE: Wait, I thought you just said you weren’t going out to many restaurants?

GILGER: Right. That’s why they’re giving you a takeout option this year as well! Diners have the option for takeout or dine-in to more than 100 participating eateries for this year’s restaurant week. The event is usually in the spring but was pushed back to the summer due to coronavirus.

BRODIE: If it’s takeout, are you really getting the same experience? Isn’t restaurant week supposed to be a special pre-fixed menu?

GILGER: It’s all of the same glam of Arizona Restaurant Week, but offered at home this year. Prices range from about $33 a person to $44, and some restaurants are even offering $44 couple’s meals. Some restaurants are giving you the option to add a bottle of wine or some beer to your order to really give you that rounded, dining out experience.

BRODIE: Maybe all I’ll have to do for a romantic dinner is buy some candles and make a phone call.

GILGER: They’re really making it that easy for us. 

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