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In Spain's Quarantine, A Former ASU Quarterback Is Performing Balcony Opera Concerts

By Amanda Luberto, Mark Brodie, Lauren Gilger
Published: Monday, March 30, 2020 - 2:32pm
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MARK BRODIE:All right Lauren, I’m sure you have been seeing the videos on Twitter, other places online, of people in Europe that are singing together on their balconies during the coronavirus quarantine.

LAUREN GILGER: Yes, I don’t always know what they’re singing because I don’t speak Italian or Spanish, but it’s really uplifting every time. And it really shows that we can stay connected in some ways right now.

BRODIE: Yes, exactly. So, last week one of those singers was a past Arizona State quarterback.

GILGER: Wait, what? Was it any good? I don’t necessarily think of football players and think of opera singers.

BRODIE: Well in this case, maybe you should. Not only was it good, it was operatic.

GILGER: That is incredible!

BRODIE: So good. So much better than I could do, for sure. So Gus Farwell — he was Jake Plummer’s backup QB in 1996 — now he lives in Spain with his family. He noticed that every night at the same time, people would go out on their balcony and applaud the medical workers and getting so swept up in it, so he decided to share a little of his talent as well.

GILGER: That's right, he’s been posting what he’s calling his balcony concerts every day on Twitter and YouTube with little messages of encouragement for us all to stay safe and healthy.

BRODIE: And so Lauren, if you’ve ever been to an ASU football game, they do have a Opera version the chant “Go Devils” that of course, comes from him!

GILGER: Of course, of course. We can’t all be doctors or nurses, so I guess we have to use our talents to help however we can right now.

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