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Tucson's Barrio Brewing Give Their Employees Ownership Of The Company

By Steve Goldstein, Mark Brodie, Amanda Luberto
Published: Friday, December 20, 2019 - 12:20pm
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STEVE GOLDSTEIN: As the holidays approach, I have to ask: Is there anything specific on your Hanukkah list this year?

MARK BRODIE: Oh, nothing in particular. Maybe some new socks or something. Why are you just now doing your shopping?

GOLDSTEIN: No, I’m definitely done with that. But would you say that partial ownership of a brewery is on your list?

BRODIE: You know, I can’t say it is. 

GOLDSTEIN: Well, that's what the employees of Tucson’s Barrio Brewing — one of the original and largest state breweries — are getting this year. Owners Dennis and Tauna Arnold gave more than 60 of their employees complete ownership of the company starting in 2020.

BRODIE: Happy holidays, indeed! But seems really generous. How did this all come about?

GOLDSTEIN: Dennis Arnold says as they approach retirement, they want to make sure their brewery is in good hands and their employees have a good retirement set up for when it’s their turn. So, they decided that any employee who’s clocked over one-thousand hours in a year qualifies.

BRODIE: They must make a lot of beer!  

GOLDSTEIN: Right! In a year, Barrio is producing some 15,000 barrels.

BRODIE: It’s definitely a unique holiday gift for your employees, but it might be hard to wrap.

GOLDSTEIN: You know, I always just go with a gift bag or a big bow. That could work! 

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