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Lemonade, Licensed Professionals And Lottery Winners: New Arizona Laws Take Effect

Published: Tuesday, August 27, 2019 - 1:05pm
Updated: Tuesday, August 27, 2019 - 2:11pm
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Dozens of new Arizona state laws are taking effect Tuesday. 

For instance, state lottery winners have the power to keep their names confidential, scooter fans have the same rights — and responsibilities — as cyclists and you can practice your nunchuck skills with abandon — albeit responsibility

In additional to these laws, many licensed professionals moving to Arizona will now be free to do the same work here if licensed in another state. 

House Majority Leader Warren Petersen sponsored the legislation recognizing occupational licenses from other states for new Arizona residents, an effort heralded by Gov. Doug Ducey and the business community. Petersen said the new law sends the country a message that Arizona recognizes your skills and that those things don’t just disappear when you cross state lines.

The new law covers dozens of professional licenses that supporters argued don’t change from state to state. If you’re a dentist moving to Arizona from California, for example, you’re clear to practice, because, as Petersen put it, people have teeth in Arizona just like in other states.

But if you’re an attorney licensed to practice in California and you’re looking to defect to Arizona, you’ll still have a few hoops to jump through. That’s because the licensing law applies to professions regulated by the state, the State Bar of Arizona, and its counterpart in other states handles would-be attorneys.

These rules are already in place for some folks. Military spouses have been allowed to practice their crafts from state to state for years, and Petersen sees success in that model.

That may be the highlight of Petersen’s legislative session this year, but it wasn’t the only thing he fought for that will take effect on Tuesday. He ran bills ranging from licensing to lemonade. 

Yes, Petersen spearheaded another bill you may have heard of, making Gilbert teen Garrett Glover’s proposal to name lemonade the state drink a reality. The quirky law follows in the footsteps of other stately designations, like naming copper the state metal and the Sonorasaurus the state dinosaur.

With citrus among the state’s five C’s, Petersen said Arizona is a great place to get an ice cold glass of lemonade, but he isn't likely to raise one in celebration today — he’s not really a fan. 

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