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New Bill Would Have State Health Department Regulate Sober-Living Homes

Published: Thursday, February 26, 2015 - 5:07pm
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Last year, we told you about how some Valley communities were dealing with sober-living homes, places for people to live once they come out of treatment centers. 

In general, cities have been taking up the issue, but a bill working its way through the legislature would have the state health department regulate the facilities.

State Representative Noel Campbell, a Prescott Republican, is the sponsor of House Bill 2563. He said he’s trying to come up with a compromise before the measure goes up for debate in the full house. But the owner of a company that runs sober-living homes sees the proposal differently.

Gonzalo Ardavin is the owner and founder of Carla Vista Sober Living, which has 13 facilities in Arizona, although none in Prescott, and 10 in other states.

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