August 2023

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Members of Mujeres Del Sol.
In Phoenix, when we talk about Latinx communities, chances are we aren’t referring to the Caribbean. Arizona poet and performer Melissa Dunmore is out to change that.
Sept. 1, 2023
Poster with lineup for HoCo Festival 2023
It’ll be the end of an era of sorts in Tucson this Labor Day weekend, as HoCo Festival comes to an end.
Sept. 1, 2023
Tom Ryan (left) and Chip Scutari
A U.S. Senate candidate from last year appears poised to launch a new bid for the office in next year’s election. Tom Ryan and Chip Scutari of S+C Communications analyze that and the rest of the week’s top stories.
Sept. 1, 2023
Marijuana in a jar next to a cannabis joint on a countertop
The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services is recommending easing federal marijuana restrictions. The Show spoke with Maricopa County Attorney Rachel Mitchell about how this shift could change the legal landscape here in Arizona.
Aug. 31, 2023
MARGOT ROBBIE as Barbie, ALEXANDRA SHIPP as Barbie, MICHAEL CERA as Allan, ARIANA GREENBLATT as Sasha and AMERICA FERRERA as Gloria in Warner Bros. Pictures’ “BARBIE,”
The Show spoke with Aviva Dove-Viebahn about her recent essay in which she breaks down the themes of motherhood in the "Barbie" movie.
Aug. 31, 2023
The Zone in Phoenix
The Show spoke with Carrie Masters, CEO of the nonprofit St. Joseph the Worker, about her work and why it's so important especially with homelessness on the rise.
Aug. 31, 2023
The Arizona Department of Child Safety logo
The Show spoke with attorney Deandra Area regarding the revelation of a computer glitch that stopped important disclosures and documents from making it into the Department of Child Safety's system.
Aug. 31, 2023
washing hands with water
The Show spoke with Kathleen Ferris, a senior research fellow at the Kyl Center for Water Policy at Arizona State University, about Arizona's groundwater concerns.
Aug. 31, 2023
Kris Mayes
The Show spoke with Attorney General Kris Mayes about concerns from Arizonans on grocery store mergers and the Arizona Supreme Court’s plans to potentially settle the dispute over abortion laws in the state.
Aug. 31, 2023
Pills in prescription medication bottle
The Show spoke with Dana Marie Kennedy, state director of AARP Arizona, about what the Biden administration's recent Medicare decision could mean for Arizona seniors.
Aug. 30, 2023