February 2023

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Portrait of William Shakespeare
Bradley Irish is an English professor at Arizona State University and his forthcoming book, "Shakespeare and Disgust: The History and Science of Early Modern Revulsion," argues that Shakespeare was visionary in his use of disgust using it in his work centuries before science proved its power.
Feb. 24, 2023
Salt River Fields Scottsdale
Spring training starts Friday in Arizona with a pair of games — the Texas Rangers v. the Kansas City Royals and the Seattle Mariners v. the San Diego Padres. There’s a full slate of eight games on Saturday, including the Arizona Diamondbacks playing two split squad games.
Feb. 24, 2023
Mark Brnovich
This week, records showed that former Arizona Attorney General Mark Brnovich promoted election fraud claims while withholding reports from his own office that debunked those same allegations.
Feb. 24, 2023
Rob Manfred at MLB Spring Training Media Day
Diamond Sports Group, the parent company of the 19 Bally Sports channels across the country, has missed a payment and could be moving towards bankruptcy. And that has some fans worried about being able to watch their teams’ games.<br><small><b>&#8594; <a href="https://kjzz.org/business" target="_blank">More Arizona business news</a></small></b>
Feb. 24, 2023
Hybrid chickadees
Human activity appears to be causing two related species of songbirds to mate. The research finds disturbances to the habitats of the black-capped and mountain chickadees are leading to this hybridization in the Mountain West.
Feb. 23, 2023
M. Nolan Gray Arbitrary Lines
We’ve all heard of NIMBYism — the "Not In My Backyard" phenomenon that’s shaped the conversation around housing development in cities around the country. M. Nolan Gray has taken the opposite approach.
Feb. 23, 2023
border patrol agent with asylum seekers
The Biden administration said Tuesday that it will generally deny asylum to migrants who show up at the U.S. southern border without first seeking protection in a country they passed through, mirroring an attempt by the Trump administration that never took effect because it was blocked in court.
Feb. 23, 2023
summer cactus
There’s a lot of conversation happening now about how climate change is affecting — and will continue to affect — humans, and the societies we’ve created. But it’s possible to find some potential clues now by looking at skeletal remains.
Feb. 23, 2023
Julio Cesar Morales Lucha Libre: Beyond the Arenas
An expansive exhibition at the ASU Art Museum explores the vast world of lucha libre — gathering works from artists who have been influenced by the wrestling culture from around the world.
Feb. 23, 2023
The Dirty Drummer Restaurant & Spirits sign
But in 2018, the last location of the Dirty Drummer was set to close until Dana Armstrong, whose father co-founded chain, stepped in to save the dive bar and restore it to its former glory.<br><small><b>&#8594; <a href="https://theshow.kjzz.org/" target="_blank">Hear more interviews from The Show</a></small></b>
Feb. 22, 2023