November 2021

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Scottsdale Unified School District logo
The president of the Scottsdale Unified School District governing board is facing a potential removal after it was reported he and his father created a massive dossier containing dirt on some Scottsdale parents.
Nov. 15, 2021
bagged textile squares
Every federal lawmaker in Washington, D.C., is about to get a package in the mail as part of a national protest. And it's not angry letters from constituents. Instead, they’ll each be getting a box of handmade textile squares created with equal parts red and blue materials.
Nov. 15, 2021
Everything I ever liked is canceled.
Lots of people have told their stories of life during the pandemic. Few of them, however, have put themselves on a word limit. But that’s exactly the point of a new book, called “A Terrible, Horrible, No Good Year.”<br><small><b>&#8594; <a href="" target="_blank">Hear more stories from The Show</a></small></b>
Nov. 15, 2021
Donald Trump
Virginia’s Republican gubernatorial nominee Glenn Youngkin won that state’s general election recently, and many observers are saying his victory was a result of talking about issues relevant to Virginia rather than focusing on Trump.
Nov. 15, 2021
lucid air
There’s been a lot of activity in the electric vehicle industry recently — and much of it could have an impact for both EV producers and consumers in Arizona. <br><small><b>&#8594; <a href="" target="_blank">More Arizona business news</a></small></b>
Nov. 15, 2021
Julie Erfle and Paul Bentz
Communications consultant Julie Erfle of Erfle Uncuffed and Paul Bentz of HighGround joined The Show to talk about Mark Brnovich’s efforts to fight the Biden administration’s vaccine mandate, Congressman Paul Gosar once again sparking concerns on social media and more.
Nov. 12, 2021
The Poisoned Pen
As the winter holidays approach, a lot of us will be looking for new books to give to friends and family. For help as we try to be more discerning, it’s time for our occasional Page Turner series when we turn to local booksellers to find out what they’re excited about.
Nov. 12, 2021
Cam DeCaussin at home Royse Contemporary Scottsdale
“Home” has meant a lot of things during the pandemic: a sanctuary, a hideout, a jail. And that’s what Phoenix painter Cam DeCaussin explores in his newest solo exhibition at Royse Contemporary in Old Town Scottsdale.
Nov. 12, 2021
Nancy Parra-Quinlan 2022 Arizona Teacher of the Year
The Arizona Educational Foundation has named its 2022 teacher of the year: it’s Nancy Parra-Quinlan, a STEM and CTE teacher at Kino Junior High in the Mesa School District.
Nov. 12, 2021
COP26 was held in Glasgow,
In the past 24 hours at COP26, a draft agreement from leaders, policymakers, stakeholders and researchers has been circulated with provisions addressing climate warming and carbon emissions. Rich Preston has been covering the COP26 conference for the BBC, and he joined The Show to talk about the details of the agreement.
Nov. 11, 2021