November 2020

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hospital bed
Gov. Doug Ducey announced Nov. 18 that the state was setting aside $25 million to help hospitals deal with staffing issues, as Arizona’s COVID-19 cases continue to increase. Before the governor made his announcement, The Show spoke with Ann-Marie Alameddin, the president and CEO of the Arizona Hospital and Healthcare Association, about how Arizona hospitals are doing right now. Arizona's hospitals are seeing more COVID-19 patients in general, but also in the emergency room and the intensive care unit.
Nov. 19, 2020
Gov. Doug Ducey and  Dr. Cara Christ
Officials are calling on Gov. Doug Ducey and Dr. Cara Christ to do more regarding the pandemic as Arizona COVID-19 cases number almost 290,000. The Show spoke with Dr. Christ, and asked her why, if we learned so much about the virus over the summer, cases are spiking again.
Nov. 19, 2020
Martha McSally
Martha McSally gave her farewell address Wednesday in her last appearance on the Senate floor as an Arizona senator.
Nov. 18, 2020
Kate Gallego
The city of Phoenix has faced the same kind of social and economic challenges as its peers during the pandemic. Mayor Kate Gallego acknowledged as much during her State of the City address Nov. 17. But she also struck an extremely optimistic tone.
Nov. 18, 2020
Border wall
The Trump administration has made dramatic changes to immigration policy over the past four years. Many of those modifications have been opposed by progressives, but also by a high percentage of conservatives. For a broader look at immigration reforms, The Show spoke with David Bier of the Cato Institute about the immigration-related reforms he’d like to see.
Nov. 18, 2020
Phoenix Pride 2018
The LGBTQ community is bigger today than ever before. But a new report from the National Academies of Science, Engineering, and Medicine shows they’re under-studied. There’s a significant gap in data collection and research on their wellbeing — and that has led to a gap in programming and services for this increasingly diverse population.
Nov. 18, 2020
person watching tv
The passion people had for the presidential election this year would have seemingly led to more of us trying to find as much media and news coverage of the election as possible, especially on Election Day. But ratings indicate that wasn’t the case. The Show spoke with Marianne Barrett, a journalism professor, about how the viewing numbers looked this year in comparison to 2016's ratings.
Nov. 18, 2020
Voting booths
Jeremy Duda of Arizona Mirror has been following the rumors about Dominion voting machines, which Maricopa County has been using for around a decade. He joined The Show to talk about it.
Nov. 18, 2020
Steven Slugocki
Democrats have been making gains in Maricopa County over the past several years. And, this year, Joe Biden beat President Donald Trump by around two points here, while Mark Kelly won over McSally by four points. But, despite the success at the top of the ticket, Republicans maintained control over much of county government and other seats lower down the ballot.
Nov. 18, 2020
Susan Briante Defacing the Monument
Immigration has been a big issue in Arizona for a long time, but the system has been under increased scrutiny over the past few years, as President Donald Trump and Democrats have fought over how it should work. A new book called "Defacing the Monument" takes a different angle on the issue.
Nov. 17, 2020