September 2019

Dawn Penich-Thacker, Kathy Hoffman and Marisol Garcia
Save Our Schools Arizona defied naysayers in their fight against the expansion of school vouchers. Red for Ed followed to win salary bumps for teachers. And a political newcomer beat the odds to claim the highest seat in the state's education system.
Sept. 9, 2019
Jay Lawrence
A state lawmaker who said black and Hispanic communities “are better armed than the police officers who are supposed to be controlling them" clarified those comments.
Sept. 9, 2019
medical marijuana crop
Backers of an initiative to legalize recreational marijuana in Arizona have run the ballot language by legislative council, essentially state lawmakers’ in-house legal team.
Sept. 9, 2019
Bill Montgomery
Maricopa County Attorney Bill Montgomery’s elevation to Justice Bill Montgomery carries a variety of potential consequences for his former office and the state.
Sept. 9, 2019
Grand Canyon
An Italian real estate company wants to develop land outside the Grand Canyon's South Rim. The U.S. Forest Service has said in the past it would "substantially and adversely" affect the Grand Canyon and nearby tribal lands.
Sept. 9, 2019
The clock continues to tick in the UK, as the Brexit deadline looms.
Sept. 9, 2019
Arizona's Medicaid program plans to implement new work requirements for beneficiaries. About 120,000 Arizonans will have to prove they’re working, going to school or volunteering to keep their health care.
Sept. 7, 2019
Kliff Kingsbury
The Arizona Cardinals will play in one of the most anticipated openers since the NFL franchise moved to Arizona more than 30 years ago.
Sept. 6, 2019
Medical marijuana
Recent figures indicate that marijuana use among young people between the ages of 12 and 17 is remaining relatively steady at around 12.5%.
Sept. 6, 2019
 photo enforcement camera
There are lots of cameras along Valley roadways, looking for speeders and red light runners, some of which are called ALPR’s, or Automated License Plate Readers.
Sept. 6, 2019