January 2019

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Arizona Republic newspaper
Pulitzer Prize winning editorial cartoonist Steve Benson was laid off from The Arizona Republic this week — he’d been with the paper since 1980. The move was part of a larger round of layoffs by the paper’s parent company, Gannett.
Jan. 25, 2019
Football field
Caitlin Schmidt, an investigative reporter with the Arizona Daily Star, has uncovered records containing allegations about University of Arizona football players from the Tucson Police Department and the University of Arizona police from years 2012 through 2017.
Jan. 24, 2019
woman huddled in a corner
The 9th Circuit Court of Appeals ordered a new trial for a Tucson woman who has been convicted three times for illegally buying a gun for her violent ex-boyfriend. The court said she should have been allowed the chance to present evidence from a domestic violence expert on battered woman syndrome in her defense.
Jan. 24, 2019
The Show logo card
John Bouma has died. He was well known for, among other things, defending the state in one of the lawsuits filed after the passage of Senate Bill 1070, the immigration enforcement law.
Jan. 24, 2019
Honeywell IntuVue Weather Radar 26
Have you ever boarded a plane only to sit there on the runway for hours while the crew is performing some unknown maintenance? Well, rest assured there is someone in the aerospace world who is working to stop that from happening — and she’s right here in the Valley.
Jan. 24, 2019
Amy Silverman and Sophie
As state lawmakers and the governor debate funding and policies for education in the upcoming year, a local journalist has uncovered a disturbing trend in some vocational programs for students with disabilities in Arizona schools.
Jan. 24, 2019
Phoenix city council meeting
After years of closed-door negotiations and a month-long public relations blitz, the Phoenix City Council has approved an arena renovation deal with the Suns.
Jan. 24, 2019
Formerly incarcerated people spoke to lawmakers
The American Friends Service Committee of Arizona hosted Reframing Justice Day at the Capitol to draw attention and support to a slate of new criminal justice reform legislation.
Jan. 23, 2019
Rob O'Dell
In November, voters shot down — by a 2-1 margin — Proposition 305, blocking a law that would’ve expanded the Empowerment Scholarship Account program, also referred to as vouchers. But the issue isn’t quite dead, as The Show's guest, Rob O’dell, tells us.
Jan. 23, 2019
RedForEd rally
Los Angeles teachers are headed back to the classroom after a week-long strike. Union leaders approved a settlement with teachers in the Los Angeles Unified School District, the nation’s second largest school district.
Jan. 23, 2019