January 2019

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Maricopa County has sued more than a dozen pharmaceutical companies, arguing they helped cause the nationwide opioid epidemic. Among other things, the county claims the firms — including Purdue Pharma, which used to make OxyContin — engaged in deceptive marketing practices.
Jan. 2, 2019
tucson snow, January 2019
To talk about the cold weather Arizona is experiencing, The Show was joined by Matt Pace. He’s a meteorologist with the Arizona Department of Environmental Quality.
Jan. 2, 2019
Sonoran Solar
In the sunny northern Mexican state of Sonora, solar energy has been booming in recent years. That is expected to continue, even with the new administration of President Andrés Manuel López Obrador. <br><small><b><a href="http://kjzz.org/hermosillo" target="blank">More News From Hermosillo, Mexico</a> →</small></b>
Jan. 2, 2019