January 2019

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Rusty Bowers
One of the major issues addressed by Gov. Doug Ducey during his State of the State address was a drought contingency plan. With a Jan. 31 deadline looming, Arizona House Speaker Rusty Bowers says he won’t be pressured into approving a plan he has yet to see.
Jan. 16, 2019
The Show logo card
And, as the legislative session gets underway, The Show has been speaking with a number of advocacy groups to find out what they’d like to see get done in 2019, including Children’s Action Alliance.
Jan. 16, 2019
Linda Thor
The Maricopa Community College District governing board has a new president, despite the former president having six months left on his term.
Jan. 16, 2019
A sign opposing Arizona Senate Bill 1070
Arizona Gov. Doug Ducey’s State of the State address included a laundry list of items — including some that continue to grab most of the headlines, like water and K-12 funding.
Jan. 16, 2019
grocery store
The USDA is proposing that they require stricter compliance with rules: that some SNAP recipients must be working, in school or in a training program in order to receive their benefits. There was a similar provision in the recently-approved Farm Bill, but it did not make it into the final version.
Jan. 16, 2019
Food Stamps
As the federal government shutdown continues into its 26th day, the USDA’s Food and Nutrition Service is moving to make sure families still get some benefits they depend upon.
Jan. 16, 2019
dark money
The U.S. economy is still showing a lot of positive signs — with growth continuing to excel and unemployment remaining low. But huge tax cuts and significant spending have contributed to a federal deficit approaching $1 trillion.
Jan. 16, 2019
Bob Burns
There is new leadership at the Arizona Corporation Commission. Burns, a former Arizona senate president, is in the midst of his second term on the commission, which regulates water and power companies. He’s also been the most vocal critic of APS.
Jan. 16, 2019
ASU art museum
The power of museums — and how relevant they are — isn’t exactly up for debate. But some have wondered how active those community spaces and their leaders need to be when it comes to addressing the issues of our time.
Jan. 16, 2019
Sheriff Mark Napier
Sheriff Mark Napier of Pima County was initially reticent when President Donald Trump announced he would send National Guard troops to our border with Mexico, but said he welcomed the support.
April 19, 2018