December 2017

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According to the International Flipper Pinball Association, there were more than 55,000 registered competitive pinball players in 2017.
Dec. 29, 2017
Phoenix City Council chambers clear out
Mayoral and council elections around Arizona are nonpartisan, and the Arizona Supreme Court has affirmed that direction. But Republican lawmaker Jay Lawrence of Scottsdale wants that to change.
Dec. 29, 2017
Barrett Marson (left), Julie Erfle (center) and Chip Scutari.
The Show looks back at some of the biggest stories of the year and looking ahead at what to expect in 2018.
Dec. 29, 2017
burton barr library
Residents of downtown Phoenix will finally have an alternative library location to visit while repairs to Burton Barr on Central Avenue continue.
Dec. 29, 2017
close-up of computer keyboard
The entrepreneur behind Quepasa, the bilingual social media site created in the mid-1990s, is coming under scrutiny for another startup.
Dec. 29, 2017
Border wall
President Donald Trump campaigned on a promise of heightened border security and a call for far more resources dedicated to the Mexican border.
Dec. 29, 2017
In light of so many sexual misconduct allegations against high profile men, we’re hearing a lot of apologies, denials and what some call "faux apologies."
Dec. 29, 2017
Las Vegas Shooting
It’s been almost three months since a gunman opened fire at a Las Vegas music festival and killed 58 people.
Dec. 29, 2017
If you traveled away from Arizona over the holidays, however far flung, Southwestern food probably wasn’t too hard to find there.
Dec. 29, 2017
supporters of DACA join hands
In 2018, DACA permits will continue to expire without renewal, and Congress will have a decision to make.
Dec. 28, 2017