October 2017

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John DenBoer
In our society, aging is often framed as a process of losing independence — giving up your car keys. But technology is beginning to change that narrative. And entrepreneurs across the country and here in the Valley say tech has the potential to revolutionize how we age in the coming decades.
Oct. 25, 2017
Arizona State Board Of Education logo
The Arizona State Board of Education faced a barrage of criticism Monday night because of how it had decided to grade schools on the A-F scale. By voting to take another look at the system, schools disappointed by their grade will have the chance to get those modified.
Oct. 24, 2017
Since Arizona Task Force One was formed in the early 90s, FEMA has deployed the urban search and rescue team to major incidents across the country. It is among 28 FEMA teams nationwide, but assistant fire chief Shelly Jamison says the Arizona team is special.
Oct. 24, 2017
Cities and states across the country are worried about the so-called brain drain, with some of the most-educated and sought-after residents deciding to move somewhere else. Bloomberg looked into the numbers and found that a number of cities in the western U.S. are benefiting.
Oct. 24, 2017
The World Series between the Los Angeles Dodgers and Houston Astros gets underway tonight. Both teams have passionately embraced the concept of baseball analytics and sabermetrics and focus on using big data to determine which players will be most successful most often.
Oct. 24, 2017
A survey by Military Times has revealed a major problem. With just over 1,100 responses from active-duty troops, one in four reported they’ve seen examples of white nationalism among fellow service members.
Oct. 24, 2017
U.S. Air Force planes
For the first time since the end of the Cold War, the U.S. Air Force is preparing to put nuclear-armed bombers on 24-hour ready alert. Former President George H.W. Bush took them off that status in 1991.
Oct. 24, 2017
The effects of climate change are already considered to be far-reaching, with unique weather patterns probably being the most obvious. But one scientist said it’s also leading to problems in the food we grow.
Oct. 24, 2017
The Blue Watermelon Project came out of an experience Charleen Badman had with a program run by the James Beard Foundation.
Oct. 24, 2017
Tucson Electric Power logo
The Arizona Corporation Commission began a series of hearings on Monday related to proposed new rates for solar customers of Tucson Electric Power. The hearings are scheduled to conclude on Nov. 2.
Oct. 24, 2017