September 2015

The Show on KJZZ

Phoenix city crews are installing new street signs in downtown Phoenix to discourage bicyclists from riding against traffic.
Sept. 30, 2015
Maricopa County Sheriff's Office
The judge wanted to know what Maricopa County Sheriff's Office Chief Deputy Jerry Sheridan knew and when regarding confidential informant Dennis Montgomery’s efforts to link the judge in a conspiracy with the U.S. Department of Justice.
Sept. 29, 2015
ASU logo
The Conference on Complex Systems, hosted by Arizona State University, attracts some of the smartest people on the planet to help broaden knowledge and expand scientific horizons.
Sept. 29, 2015
Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio
Despite his legal troubles Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio continues to implement aggressive new policies at the sheriff’s department.
Sept. 29, 2015
Sherman Alexie
Much author Sherman Alexie's work deals with his experiences living on and off the Spokane Indian Reservation and his efforts to discover what it means to be a Native American.
Sept. 29, 2015
Sky Harbor
Eighty years ago, in 1935, the city of Phoenix purchased Sky Harbor Airport. Believe it or not, the city wasn’t sure the $100,000 purchase would be worth it.
Sept. 29, 2015
Distracted Driving
Phoenix is among a few Arizona cities to ban texting while driving, but there is no statewide prohibition. That’s led to what critics are calling a “patchwork” of local laws, which can vary from city to city, as with Tempe and Phoenix.
Sept. 29, 2015
Dark streaks on Mars
A huge discovery on the surface of Mars can be directly linked back to Arizona.
Sept. 29, 2015
freeway shooting flier
How much can law enforcement count on the public to help and provide accurate and helpful tips?
Sept. 25, 2015
Willow Fire
Northern Arizona University professor co-authored a paper that argues using more prescribed burns could help limit catastrophic wildfires in the future.
Sept. 25, 2015