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So many people have experienced some kind of loss during the course of the pandemic. We'll hear why pandemic-related grief is different from other kinds. Plus, former U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder on the For the People Act and the ongoing election audit in Maricopa County. That and more on The Show.

Atascosa Lookout
For several years, ecologist Jack Dash and photographer Luke Swenson have been chronicling the specific site of Atascosa Highlands as part of their project to conduct the very first survey of the flora and fauna — and how those have been affected by climate change, border wall construction and other factors.
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State lawmakers come back to the Capitol Monday to continue work on the budget, and there's also a special session on wildfires. We'll hear how the state may try to deal with increasingly severe fires and their aftermath. Plus, what election results in neighboring Sonora mean for that state and its relationship with Arizona. That and more on The Show.

Ballot audit
The counting continues at Veterans Memorial Coliseum, as do the headlines generated by the state Senate’s ongoing audit of Maricopa County ballots and election equipment. Mike Broomhead, host of the Mike Broomhead Show on KTAR, was OK with the audit when it started, but has since soured on the process.
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Progress on a new state budget has stalled, with the end of the fiscal year less than three weeks away. Our Friday NewsCap analyzes the week’s top stories. Plus, this year’s Desert X installation in the Coachella Valley pays respect to tribal lands. That and more on The Show.

Nicholas Galanin Never Forget Indian Land sign
Each spring, the desert outside of Palm Springs, California, is activated with massive, experimental, international contemporary art installations. It’s called Desert X. And this year, one exhibition caught headlines around the globe.
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The drought in the west continues, as do Arizona’s water concerns. We'll hear why some researchers are particularly worried about the state’s groundwater supplies. Plus, a Valley hospital is trying to take healthcare to homeless children. That and more on The Show.

greg asner and robin martin
Coral reefs are under serious threat from climate change as more are bleached as the oceans warm. Located in Hawaii, ASU’s Center for Global Discovery and Conservation Science is working to stop climate change from destroying this crucial ocean habitat.
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Health officials across Arizona and the country are trying to figure out how to get more residents to get vaccinated against COVID-19. Do lotteries, prizes and other incentives work? Plus, we’ll take a look at a different kind of border town — on the edge of Native American reservations. That and more on The Show.

Rebecca Rios
Lawmakers are expected back at the Capitol on June 10, but it’s unclear if anything has changed on budge negotiations. Meanwhile, the end of the fiscal year is looming at the end of the month. To learn what it would take for Democrats to support the budget, The Show spoke with state Sen. Rebecca Rios, the Senate minority leader.