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The Valley will be hosting the Super Bowl in just a few weeks, and preparations are well underway. We’ll hear what role the state has in terms of helping to cover some of those costs. Plus, 2022 was a big year for Latin music — what might this year hold? That and more on The Show.

The Super Bowl is just a few weeks away, and preparations are underway across the Valley for the game in Glendale. A lot of those preparations can be expensive, and the state is picking up some of the tab for them.
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The new Navajo Nation president campaigned on lifting the reservation’s mask mandate after years of restrictions. How are people reacting to the move when it was one of the places hardest hit by COVID-19 in the world? Plus, how the architecture of LDS temples has evolved over the years. That and more on The Show.

LDS San Diego California Temple
Houses of worship are often recognizable — whether they’re churches, synagogues, mosques or the holy buildings of other faiths. But writer Greg Allen says the architecture of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints’ temples has evolved over the years in some interesting ways.
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A bipartisan bill at the state Legislature aims to find research into psilocybin, better known as magic mushrooms. We’ll hear why researchers think it could help treat PTSD, depression and pain. Plus, ADOT’s got a new plan to expand electric vehicle charging stations throughout the state. That and more on The Show.

psilocybin psychedelic mushroom
A bipartisan bill making its way through the Arizona Legislature aims to fund research into the benefits of psilocybin, otherwise known as magic mushrooms.
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Metro Phoenix cities vie for economic development projects but also have to keep their water resources in mind. We’ll hear how cities think about those two sometimes competing priorities. Plus, from broccoli to peas, why winter is one of the best seasons for gardening in Arizona. That and more on The Show.

Lake Mead
The Phoenix area has been one of the fastest growing metros in the country for years, with people and businesses moving here and developments sprouting up Valley wide. But, at the same time, the region is facing a water shortage, as Colorado River supplies decline, and leaders look for new potential sources.
More Arizona water news
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Gov. Katie Hobbs’ budget proposal got a chilly reception among GOP lawmakers, and there’s already some talk of a government shutdown. Our Friday NewsCap panelists break down the week’s top stories. Plus, a concert this weekend shines a spotlight on a piece of history. That and more on The Show.

Delena Humble-Fisher at Sin Muerte in downtown Phoenix
To hear bar manager Delena Humble-Fischer talk about cocktails is like hearing an artist describe the inspiration behind their work. And, it turns out, that’s not far from the truth about her.