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After being stalled, state lawmakers approved sports gambling in Arizona, and the governor has signed it into law. Our Friday NewsCap analyzes the week’s top stories. Plus, why pandemic-inspired porch concerts in a Phoenix neighborhood have been shut down. That and more on The Show.

ballot and capitol illustration
There’s little Democrats in the Arizona Legislature can do to stop Republicans from approving new restrictions on voting, including bills that would purge voters from the state’s popular Permanent Early Voting List and add voter ID requirements when mailing back ballots.

Part 1: Battle Over Bills | Part 2: Misinformation Spreads

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Having enough affordable housing has been a challenge for the Phoenix area for a while. We'll hear what a new report says about where the region stands compared to others around the country. Plus, has the promise of expanded revenue from gambling damaged the moral arguments against it? That and more on The Show.

When the latest conspiracy theory about Maricopa County’s election emerged from a dumpster in March, Republican state Sen. Kelly Townsend saw information spreading that she knew for certain was not true. But was she able to set the record straight?
'Fixing' The System: Arizona Go To Battle Over Restrictive Voting Bills
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The Phoenix area's hottest temperatures are fast approaching, and that can be dangerous. What Arizona’s utilities may do about disconnecting customers this summer. Plus, an app brings ancient canals and farmlands to life. That and more on The Show.

ballot and capitol illustration
Arizona Republican lawmakers have spent the months after the presidential election introducing bills critics say make voting harder and more complicated. They’ve justified these proposals as a way to restore confidence in the state’s election process. Some of those same lawmakers contributed to that erosion in confidence.
When Misinformation Spreads Among AZ GOP Voters, Can A Republican Change Their Minds?
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Arizona has been in a drought for years, and concerns about water supplies have been growing. We'll hear how farmers and ranchers will have to adjust to cutbacks of Colorado River water. Plus, why the diagnosis of autism in children may be getting delayed because of the pandemic. That and more on The Show.

tillie douglas  and ron barber
State senators are considering a bill that would allow anyone 18 years and older to keep a loaded gun inside their vehicle while in a school parking lot. But for 17-year-old Tillie Douglas, this bill becoming law is a scary proposition.
More Stories From The Show
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This has been a school year unlike any other, with lots of challenges and unpredictability. A first-year teacher tells us what it’s been like for her, both virtually and in the classroom. Plus, can the Phoenix area support more water parks during a drought? That and more on The Show.

Ann Morton knitting
Last spring, The Show covered the Violet Protest project, which aimed to enlist makers from across the country to produce textile squares that were equal parts red and blue. The project is the idea of Phoenix artist and educator Ann Morton, and it’s now on display at the Phoenix Art Museum through early September.