Title Author Publication Date
Capitol Buy Back Would Cost $105 Million January 11, 2012
New Leaders in AZ Senate...New Tone? January 10, 2012
Gov. Brewer Calls for More Tax Cuts, Less Regulation in State of the State Address January 09, 2012
AZ Lawmakers To Debate What To Do With Extra Money January 06, 2012
Valley Cities Work Together....Sometimes January 04, 2012
Stanton Sworn in as Phoenix Mayor January 03, 2012
Illegal Immigration to Again be on Legislative Agenda January 03, 2012
Andrew Thomas' attorney speaks out on disciplinary hearing December 27, 2011
AZ Lawmaker: Next Budget Won't Have Any Cuts December 26, 2011
Photographic Tour of "Iconic Arizona" December 26, 2011
AZ Lawmakers Likely To Consider Changes to Independent Redistricting Commission December 21, 2011
Brewer taking a wait-and-see approach to DOJ report December 16, 2011
Gov. Brewer Proposes Cash for AZ Tourism December 16, 2011
States Introduce More Immigration Bills in 2011, Enact Fewer December 13, 2011
Mesa Residents Talk Recall November 19, 2011
AZ Supreme Court Reinstates Redistricting Chair November 18, 2011
Mesa Recall Election Not Likely to Lead to Changes in Law November 10, 2011
Child Care Advocates Push for Restoration of Subsidy Money November 04, 2011
Mesa Recall Election: Economy, Education on Candidate's Minds October 21, 2011
Mesa Recall Election: Is Image Everything? October 20, 2011
AZ: In the Money? October 18, 2011
Cortes Out of Recall Election October 07, 2011
Cortes Withdraws from Recall Election October 07, 2011
AZ Jobless Worry About Benefits Running Out July 08, 2011
AZ Budget Cuts Could Shut High School Freshmen Out of Some Classes July 06, 2011