Will Stone grew up with the sounds of public radio. As an intern, his first story had him combing Long Island Sound for horseshoe crabs and interviewing beachgoers. After that, he was hooked on radio and the magic of telling stories through sound. He has since reported for NPR member stations in Nevada and Connecticut. He joined the KJZZ newsroom in March 2015 as a Senior Field Correspondent.

Stone considers himself a passionate generalist and will jump on any story that gets him out into the field with a microphone in hand. During his time in Nevada, he covered local politics, the changing face of rural communities and Reno’s effort to reinvent its economy after the recession. Stone’s stories have also aired on NPR’s Morning Edition and All Things Considered. Those pieces have touched on myriad issues — school shootings, the business of drones, Burning Man and surfers in the Sierra Nevada.

Before moving West, Stone received his degree in English literature from Haverford College and covered the local arts and culture scene in Philadelphia. He also interned at the NPR headquarters in Los Angeles where he learned from some of the network’s veteran reporters and editors.

When he is not reporting or listening to public radio, Stone enjoys running, climbing mountains and exploring the local food scene.

Title Author Publication Date
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Arizona Sen. Hobbs Running For Secretary Of State Will Stone March 09, 2017
Ducey Signs Legislation To Protect Arizona's Lake Mead Water Will Stone March 04, 2017
Third Jaguar Spotted In Arizona Since 2011 Will Stone March 02, 2017
DES Board Fails To Send Appeals To Courts Will Stone March 02, 2017
APS Reaches Settlement In Rate Case, Rolls Back Mandatory Demand Charge Proposal Will Stone March 01, 2017
Arizona House Speaker Won't Let Controversial Riot Bill Move Forward Associated Press February 27, 2017
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Doctors, Nurses Urge Arizona Senators Against ACA Repeal Will Stone February 27, 2017
Arizona Republicans Skipping In-Person Town Halls During Recess Will Stone February 22, 2017