Phoenix Pilgrim Rest Baptist Church Gets New Pastor

Published: Monday, March 4, 2019 - 1:35pm
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Pilgrim Rest Baptist Church
Bishop Alexis A. Thomas died suddenly in 2018.

The 4,000-member congregation of Pilgrim Rest Baptist Church is the thriving heartbeat of the African-American Christian community in Phoenix. But, last year, the community suffered a sudden loss when longtime pastor Bishop Alexis A. Thomas passed away suddenly at the age of 50.

Thomas was a powerful figure in the African American community in Phoenix, and his loss has left a hole that might seem impossible to fill. But, a new pastor, Terry E. Mackey, has taken on that role — and is embracing it.  

Mackey is considered a rising star in America’s Baptist community, and Arizona Republic Reporter Alden Woods spent some time with him recently for a new story that appeared in Sunday’s paper.

The Show spoke with Woods to talk about the new pastor and the community he serves.

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