Studying Marijuana Still A Difficult Process Despite Gradual Deregulation

Published: Wednesday, January 9, 2019 - 3:28pm
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Dr. Fred Davis
Dr. Fred Davis.

Cannabis extracts are widely available at medical marijuana dispensaries around the state and country, along with countless strains of the drug, in various forms — from vape pens to chocolate bars to the traditional dried out plant.

But if you’re a scientist who wants to study medical marijuana, it’s a different story. There’s just one facility at the University of Mississippi that’s authorized by the federal government to grow marijuana for medical research. And that has some proponents of legalization concerned.

The Show spoke with one doctor who said that is having real-world consequences.

Dr. Fred Davis is a board-certified pain medicine physician and a member of Doctors for Cannabis Regulation. He said that, until it’s reclassified by the federal government, medical research won’t be able to keep up with the drug’s real-world use.

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