Flying The More Cramped Skies

Published: Friday, September 14, 2018 - 2:07pm
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Mariana Dale/KJZZ

Think about the last flight you were on — maybe your knees were in your chest, or the battle with your neighbor for the armrest was only slightly less intense than the battle with every other passenger for space in the overhead bin. If you sat uncomfortably in your seat and thought back fondly to days of glamorous flying gone by, you’re not alone.

Ryan Bradley, for one, feels your pain. He’s a freelance journalist and contributor to Popular Science. He recently wrote a piece for the magazine called "Why Bigger Planes Mean More Cramped Quarters — The Incredible Shrinking Airplane."

He actually brought a tape measure on-board a flight to test his theory that airplane seats were getting smaller and less comfortable.

Bradley joined The Show to talk about what he found.

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