Arizona Coyotes Tweet Fans To Stop Doing The Wave

Published: Tuesday, February 21, 2017 - 4:39pm
Updated: Wednesday, February 22, 2017 - 12:43pm
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The Arizona Coyotes put their fans on the edge of their seats last night against the Anaheim Ducks. The team raced to a fast start, leading 3-0 in the 2nd period, but the Ducks scored two goals in the 3rd period.

The excitement of the back-and-forth action made the crowd go wild. And fans started doing the wave.

You know, when fans stand up and raise their hands in the air, like they just don’t care.

Apparently this was not good cheering form because the team immediately tweeted: “Attention fans in 112: We don’t do the wave here.”

We’re assuming that cheering and howling are still acceptable for ‘Yotes fans.

But whatever bad sports juju the team might have been worried about, it didn’t affect them. The Coyotes won, 3-2. And, hey, it could have been worse: fans could have been throwing octopi on the ice.

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