Russian Hacking Concerns Create Rift Among GOP Officials In Arizona

Published: Thursday, January 5, 2017 - 3:17pm
Updated: Thursday, January 5, 2017 - 3:24pm
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Concern over Russian hacking and attempts to disrupt or tilt the U.S. presidential election has revealed a rift among some Republican elected officials in Arizona.

Sen. John McCain favors a deeper look by Congress at just what Russia was trying to do, and whether Vladimir Putin, whom McCain has labeled a "thug," was directly involved.

On the other hand, West Valley Congressman Trent Franks says the effort to blame Russia is an attempt by some Democrats to delegitimize Donald Trump’s victory.

To try to interpret what’s going on, we spoke with Robert Legvold, an emeritus professor at Columbia University who specializes in international relations of post-Soviet states.

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