Outside Party Spending Light In Formerly Hotly Contested CD2 Race

Published: Friday, October 28, 2016 - 4:44pm
Updated: Tuesday, November 1, 2016 - 11:01am
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The last time Congressional District 2 went to the voters, current Congresswoman Martha McSally won by 161 votes. It was so close that it ended in a recount and was the last House vote in the entire country. Two years before that, some 2,500 votes cost McSally her bid against then-Congressman Ron Barber.

This district, which runs from Tucson out to the Chiricahua Mountains, is always hotly contested. But you wouldn’t know that from the outside party money that’s barely pouring in.

"I had $10 million dollars spent against me in 2014. Nancy Pelosis' political action committee was running attack ads against me in January of 2014. There’s not been one dollar that has flowed in to support my opponent because they’re making business decisions," McSally said.

Matt Heinz is a former state lawmaker and practicing surgeon who’s taken up a campaign office inside his brother’s small internet-service company on Tucson’s Speedway Boulevard.

He points to a mid-October slew of Democrats, including Bernie Sanders who dropped in to Tucson after the party declared Arizona a battleground state. And while the last poll showed McSally at far ahead, he says the fight isn’t over. 

"The last 30 days are the most critical. You can see races like that of Congressman Barber. His numbers had him up I think like ten percent 30 days before the election and that rapidly closes where as you know he was down about one percent on the day of the election."

And while the last poll showed McSally ahead, Heinz said the fight isn’t over.

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