Gravity, 336-Mile Canal Pump Water Through Arizona's CAP

Published: Friday, June 10, 2016 - 4:17pm
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Completed in 1993, the Central Arizona Project is the largest aqueduct system in the country, stretching 336 miles.

The Central Arizona Project is trying to raise more money to pay back its debt to federal officials. But how does the CAP itself get water to its customers from a technical standpoint?

"It's a 336-mile system running from the Colorado River at Lake Havasu east and south across the central part of the state," said Tom McCann, the deputy general manager for operations and maintenance for the Central Arizona Project. "It turns south and heads down by Tucson, the endpoint of the canal is just a little south and west of Tucson."

A series of pumping plants lift the water so gravity carries it through the system. 

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