September 2018

dark money
Voters will be getting at least a little bit more information about politically active nonprofit groups and their donors — as we sit about six weeks away from November’s election.
Sept. 21, 2018
Mesquite pods
In the summer, mesquite pods fall to the ground, usually to be raked up by people, or blown away by the wind, but one person’s yard debris is Peggy Sorensen’s main ingredient.
Sept. 21, 2018
Navajo Generating Station
The largest coal power plant in the Western U.S., the Navajo Generating Station, plans to shut down in 2019, that is, unless another buyer can be found.
Sept. 21, 2018
Arizona Corporation Commission candidates
The four candidates vying to be Arizona’s newest utility regulators sparred on Thursday. The Arizona Corporation Commission has two seats up for grabs, and the outcome of the November election could significantly shift the power dynamic.
Sept. 21, 2018
After the driest winter on record, and a luckily normal monsoon, the 2018 wildfire season was mild. But if more dry winters are to come, the current state of Arizona’s ponderosa forests could be a tinderbox waiting for an errant spark.
Oct. 15, 2018
a person getting ready to trapeze
Listen to the sounds of Eleanor Morel, flying high on the trapeze at I.FLY Trapeze at the Phoenician Resort.
Sept. 20, 2018
This spring, thousands of Arizona teachers walked out of the classroom to protest low pay and other concerns, and a similar protest could be on the horizon in California.
Sept. 20, 2018
cooked turkey
There’s something comforting about home cooking. And, even though a lot of restaurants advertise that their cooking is as good as your mother’s, recent data shows that more Americans are staying in than they did a decade ago.
Sept. 20, 2018
Land and Water Conservation Fund Logo
The Interior Department says Arizona will get $2 million from the Land and Water Conservation Fund. Without congressional action, the program is scheduled to lapse at the end of the month. But last week, the U.S. House Natural Resources Committee approved a bill to reauthorize it.
Sept. 20, 2018
In high schools across the country, students are put onto a certain "track" for their math classes — it could be honors, advanced placement, college prep, remedial or any number of other-named tracks. But research is starting to question whether that’s helping or hurting students.
Sept. 20, 2018