January 2018

Downtown Phoenix
As downtown Phoenix grows, so does demand for power.
January 29, 2018
A Phoenix neighborhood that’s expressed concerns since light rail moved into the area hopes to shape future development.
January 27, 2018
Daniel Contreras
In the food world the James Beard Awards are something like the Oscars. But, they also recognize the best that regional cuisine has to offer.
January 26, 2018
RAND Corporation logo
We are in a time that has been referred to as “post truth,” when “alternative facts” are a thing that some people say.
January 26, 2018
Arizona Office of Tourism logo
Tourism was a more than $21 billion industry in Arizona in 2016. The Arizona Office of Tourism is also working to better incorporate big data into its efforts.
January 26, 2018
DNA representation
High level research related to gene therapy has been going on for a couple of decades.
January 26, 2018
The family of an autistic teenager is seeking $5 million after a Buckeye police officer mistook the teen for a drug dealer last year.
January 26, 2018
The former doctor for the American gymnastics team, accused of abusing more than 150 girls and women, was sentenced to 40 to 175 years in prison this week.
January 26, 2018
DACA application
The Trump administration has laid out its provisions for allowing DACA recipients to become legal citizens.
January 26, 2018
Chris Herstam and Marcus Dell’Artino
Guests Chris Herstam and Marcus Dell’Artino talked about the opioid special session and a new campaign to talk up Arizona’s education system.
January 26, 2018